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Watch Care & Instructions

All movements in Sunborn watches are equipped with long lasting batteries. Under normal wear, the life of the battery is 2 – 3 years.

Batteries may contain a small amount of mercury, please recycle or dispose of properly. Visit for more details.

Leather bands should not submerged in water.

Discoloring of Gold and Rose Gold plating is normal and should not be thought of as a defect. Over time this will happen.

When the watch is exposed to chemicals such as chlorine, perfumes, alcohol, hair sprays, salt and hot water, etc.

If the watch’s crown cannot be pulled out easily, the watch may have a screw down crown. First, gently unscrew the crown by turning it towards you. Then pull the crown and adjust the time. Finally after setting the watch, gently push the crown in while screwing it back to the case. This must be done for the watch to remain water resistant.

If your watch is equipped with a rotating outer ring with numbers and indicators, this can be used to indicate the length of time remaining for an activity or the starting time of an activity. TIME REMAINING – set the outer ring so that the triangle is pointing to the time the activity is to end. STARTING TIME – set the triangle to the time the activity is to begin


If your watch is water resistant, it will be indicated on the watch face and/or case back. Water resistance is marked from 3ATM (30 m or 90 feet) to 10ATM (100 m or 300 feet) Watches with no water resistance marking are only splash proof and not suitable for swimming.

Do not push any buttons or crown while the watch is wet or under water. Always wipe your watch with a dry cloth if wet and rinse watch with fresh water after exposure to salt water.

Washing hands Y Y Y
Rain water Y Y Y
Shower Y Y Y
Swimming N Y Y
Diving N N Y

Over time and under some circumstances, watches may lose their water resistance because the gaskets on the case back, glass, or crown may have been broken. Only qualified watch repairers should be allowed to fix this. After a change of battery make sure the gaskets have been replaced on the case back.